What really drives consumers to buy or not to buy is the content of your advertising, not its form.

– David Ogilvy, Founder
Ogilvy & Mather Advertising

Strategy + Collaboration.

Development of your advertising campaign, brochure, package design or website starts with analysis, discussion, research and brainstorming. We focus on your market and your objectives and develop concepts that quickly and concisely communicate a compelling message across all media, both traditional and digital – whether it’s consumer or business-to-business.

Creative: Concept, Copy, Design and Production.

At CGI Advertising / Coordinated Graphics, Inc., we create advertising that reflects the essence of your company, meets your objectives and communicates your beliefs. We separate your company from your competition through well-written copy, high impact design, and attention to detail, allowing us to Capture Attention and make an impression in an increasingly cluttered media environment.

Execution: Launching Your Campaign. Measuring Results.

We deploy your advertising messages across media platforms to best reach your target market: traditional print and broadcast advertising; digital media, targeted digital advertising and pay-per-click, websites, and social media platforms; printed brochures and other collateral; and out of home on billboards and movie screens. Then we measure results, and regularly update your campaign to ensure that you achieve the best bang for your marketing buck.

It’s all about the work.

Your work. Our work. The work we do together, in all media – both traditional and digital.

It’s about producing the work on time, on budget, on target… every time.

It’s about creating advertising for you that reflects the essence of your company, meets your objectives and communicates your beliefs. It’s about separating your company from your competition. And it’s about Capturing Attention in an increasingly cluttered media environment.

The work is all about finding new ways to reach your marketplace, whether it’s millions of consumers or a single buyer in a small office. It’s about creating a strategy that blends community-based social media with powerful print and broadcast advertising, and it’s about driving new visitors to your website.

Finally, it’s about Igniting a Response so your advertising works for you, day in and day out.

Industries We Serve

Associations & Government Affairs
Banking & Financial Services
Commercial Restorations
Consumer Products
Healthcare & Pharmacy
Home Improvement
Lawn & Garden
Lifestyle & Travel
Retail Advertising
Store Brand Marketing